ALICE is the first hotel service management tool that handles all your front of house, back of house, and guest communication needs in one platform.



NeueHouse is a private community of leading entrepreneurs and creative teams. Our members are offered experiences, work spaces, personalized services and opportunities that foster new ideas and important associations. Located in New York, Los Angeles and soon London, NeueHouse is a global home for innovators in film, design, fashion, branding, architecture and the arts.



Welcome to TabbedOut, the all-in-one dining partner that keeps your credit card safe and lets you feel like a VIP wherever you go.  Forget about waiting for the bill, calculating a split check or handing over your card to someone else. TabbedOut allows you to pay at your leisure, whether it’s at the table, the next bar, or in the cab on the way home. TabbedOut users also get exclusive access to special perks at no additional cost, just for using the app to pay.